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We work with organisations that focus on social justice, that are driven by their values and that are seeking to make the world a better place. For 30 years, Mike has worked in the health, social care and justice sectors – learning loads, making mistakes while always trying to improve. He developed a range of skills and a network of partners that help organisations be their best.

After running a pub, Mike decided that he might be of more use to others in a vocational profession so he decided to train to be a social worker in the mid-1990’s, qualifying and working as a probation officer for several years.

Mike spent 22 years of my working life as Executive Director of Change Grow Live – now the country’s largest drug treatment and care provider. We grew an organisation from a Sussex base with less than 50 employees to a large national organisation employing 4500 colleagues and working with 100,000+ individuals every year.

During this period, Mike held a number of roles, including Operational Leadership, Business Development, Human Resources, Marketing and Communications, Learning and Development, Volunteering and Quality Management.

In 2020, Mike set up Mike Pattinson Associates, his own consultancy firm, to help organisations make a positive social impact as they seek to grow their influence, become more sustainable and change the world.

We now work with clients to ensure their strategies and growth ambitions are linked to their purpose and values, which can be difficult for our clients to achieve alone. We can offer insight, calmness and compassion within the process, even when the messages and changes are tough.

Outside of paid work, Mike always makes sure that he gives time to help other organisations grow and flourish – through non-Executive Board positions and Chair roles. Mike is also obsessed with live music, family, sport & politics and is prone to rant about any or all.

Mike says, “I always try to be compassionate, clear, humorous and ensure we as a company are not becoming one of those consultancies I used to hate.”

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