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How much do you charge

all rates are negotiable and are influenced by length and complexity of engagement primarily. I’ll be open an transparent about costs – whether we agree to work on a day rate or by the project.

What do you actually do?

I’ll work alongside you, provoke, question and challenge to try to really understand the depth and breadth of the issue. Be that: your personal efficacy, defining the essence of who you are, why you exist and what impact you can make. I’ll help you work out both the immediate ‘what next’ and how to plan for the longer term. I’ll share my experience, insight and networks  I’ll be supportive when you want and blunt when you need. What I won’t do is tell you what to do – or give you a ‘stock response’.  

Where are you based?

I live in Brighton but have worked on a national scale for most of my career. We’ll agree a payment package that is clear and which includes reasonable expenses from the outset. 

Who are the Associates?

I have built a strong network of colleagues, all of whom work independently and with who I collaborate where we know we can make more of a difference together. So this network includes: systems thinkers, organizational development expertise, content strategists, designers and data and impact analysts.

Who do you work with?

I am interested and come alive when working with voluntary sector and non-profit organisations. If your trying to change the world, have a strong set of values and wanting to make a difference then we can probably help

Why should I work with you?

– well that’ll ultimately be for you to decide whether I am the right fit together. It won’t be easy and I will challenge you, it can feel uncomfortable and sometimes really annoying. But we will stay the distance, focus our energies around your needs and withdraw when we’re no longer adding any value. We also provide a free initial session. 

How do you handle conflicts of interest?

I’ve worked in and around the voluntary sector, within drug treatment, social care and the justice system throughout my career. When I am working with you – it will be exclusive, we can sign NDA’s if needed but will work to develop trust. I am interested in building longer term relationships and these need to be built upon trust, respect and the quality of work we deliver. 


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