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Making Rehab Work.

Commissioned by Phoenix Futures on behalf of the Choices Consortium of 35 Residential Rehabilitation providers, we undertook a detailed evidence review of the state of rehab provision in the UK for those with drug and alcohol problems. When looking at access, cost, treatment length and outcomes, the report demonstrates very clearly the scarcity of provision and systemic blockages in a part of the treatment field that delivers demonstrably ‘better’ outcomes and represents clear value for money when talking about those with the most entrenched and complex dependencies.

East Sussex County Council.

We have undertaken a number of engagement for ESCC from designing the ADDER trailblazer in Hastings, a county-wide needs assessment as required by OHID and latterly publishing “Harm to Hope” the East Sussex 3 Year Combatting Drug Strategy. The work involved data analysis, stakeholder engagement, public engagement with those using services and the presentation of a clear plan that: strengthened governance, enhances treatment, reduces harm and builds community resilience.


Commissioned by Portsmouth CC on behalf of 18 Local Authorities spanning the South-East of England we undertook a deep dive analysis of: commissioning structures, governance, funding and treatment pathways for those seeking Residential Rehabilitation. Engaging with a complex infrastructure of health and social care commissioners, service providers and (potential) residents we produced a detailed report that sought to: build upon a powerful evidence base, make better use of existing resources and latent capacity and which sought to simplfy both access and performance management.

Hepatitis C Trust.

We worked with the Trust to develop a new communication strategy. Working towards a global elimination target of 2030 we developed a structured plan to promote access, increase treatment uptake and support those (re)infected by Hep C. Part of this involved a detailed analysis of current website and communication channels and developing an outline Content Strategy.


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