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Mike, Founder and Executive Director

If you’re thinking about ‘what next’, seeking to grow, understand your challenges and deliver your mission we are keen to help. We provide: insight, challenge, critical assessment and analysis we can help you focus, connect and prepare.

Mike Pattinson


Mike, Founder and Executive Director

If you’re thinking about ‘what next’, seeking to grow your impact, understand your challenges and deliver your mission we are keen to help. We provide: insight, challenge, critical assessment and analysis we can help you focus, connect and prepare.


Helping organizations by providing what suits them best

  • Consultancy, Support and Strategy
  • 100 $
  • With individuals and leadership teams to develop strategy and business plans ensuring you exist to meet the needs of your clients, the aspirations of your teams and the requirements of your funders.
  • Impact, Evidence and Needs Assessment
  • 100 $
  • Helping you to understand data, performance and the external world. Using insight and intelligence to apply this when designing services, understanding needs and to better serve local communities.
  • Organisational & business development
  • 100 $
  • Improving business development cycles, tender content and organisational structures to support and sustain growth…

Latest news

  • The politics of drug treatment and why we keep missing the point I’m never quite sure whether it was through planning or chance that I ended up spending most of my adult life working in the drug treatment sector – but once in it was an impossible area to leave. It began in the late 80’s

  • Strategy into Action I’m launching a new website so need to write some ‘stuff’ – hopefully interesting, possibly useful and always going to be my personal take on something. As one colleague said “well you have to start with Strategy into Action – it’s what you’re known for and best at”. So here goes – my

  • Pale Male and Stale or - what you can do to create change I asked some trusted friends and colleagues what they thought my opening blogs should about when I launched this website. General consensus was “talk about things you know about and have an interesting take on – strategy, change and being an old white

  • It was the summer of 2020 – there was a global pandemic, much of society was in lockdown. There was clearly no better time than to make a life changing decision and leave work. I had been working at Executive level in a large national charity for over two decades, was committed to the aims

Anne Fox, Clinks CEO

“Mike and Kevin were brilliant. They worked with us to understand what we needed and brought so much skill and knowledge as well as flexibility and humour. The knowledge they hold of the sector enabled us to get so much more nuance and depth on our understanding than from consultants who were from other sectors. They built trust with our team and our stakeholders. What they gave us as an end result was not just a way to understand where we are now but how to get where we want to go.”

Michaela Richards, Head of Community Safety ESCC

"Unlike many other consultants, Mike brings palpable experience in, and content knowledge of the criminal justice and substance misuse arena which has been invaluable when we’re under pressure to deliver a considered product in a tight time-frame. What I’ve most valued though are his clear passion for social justice, his sometimes brutal honesty and his willingness to expose the areas in which our systems are failing those who need them most.”

Rachel Halford, CEO

“I enjoyed working with Mike. It was really helpful in breaking down the huge task that the Trust faces at this pivotal time. The work we did has provided me with a clear structure to move forward which with so many options. It was also reassuring that he, with all his experience, understood and appreciated the never ending reviews that we are faced with as an organisation that has grown rapidly.”

Karen Biggs, CEO

“Mike did a sector wide piece of work commissioned by Phoenix. He is a delight to work with. Completely professional focused and committed to meeting our ambitious timescales. He listened, gave clear feedback and challenge in a wholly appropriate way and dealt with a complex project with skill and intelligence. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him for any business critical piece of work.”

Belinda Phipps, WithYou CEO

“Thanks for everything.  You made a difference - a big difference across lots of parts of the organisation - your no nonsense feedback - your mentoring and your expert input all helped. I appreciate what you did - thank you. You are in large part responsible for kickstarting our growth!”

Alan Knobel, Public Health Principal

“Mike and Kevin were very knowledgeable in the field, but also very affable when faced with the task of dealing with so many stakeholders.  The report was delivered on time and provided a detailed summary of the current and future landscape, making useful recommendations for the future.”

Peter Atherton, CEO

“Mike was great to work with. He was generous with his knowledge and gave excellent advice and opinions throughout his time with us. We were able to apply that learning immediately with significant benefit to our business. We are really happy with Mikes contribution and the final strategy document now forms a fundamental part of our future plans. We will definitely be using Mike again in the future and happily encourage others to do the same.”

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