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They’ve nicked my Vespa…. again.

That sums up my week…. second time in 7 years. This time it was like a scene from the Wizard of Oz – i left the house to find just the cover for my bike with the broken lock left on top. Trying to keep it in perspective – its only ‘stuff’ after all and I’m sure the theft was targeted at the bike not me. But bloody annoying – and all the options are a bit rubbish now…. it’ll cost a load to replace and why risk getting a new one again. Or buy an older crapper one and feel frustrated. Or not get one at all and spend more time in the car.

A mod without a scooter – like Samson with a haircut.

Anyway the rest of the week was actually quite good – spent some time reviewing and making recommendations about Through The Gate provision with one of our business clients. Whilst many of the issues are familiar and the solutions are known – the funding and over-crowding crises afflicting much of the prison estate is making resettlement and rehabilitative interventions even more challenging. New approach to early release on conditional licence are creating great uncertainties across the provider network.

I also had the opportunity to attend the AGM of Sussex Pathways – who have operated for over 15 years offering through the gate mentoring, IOM support and Restorative Justice. Another insight into how ‘smaller’ organisations juggle multiple funding sources to survive and another example of the enthusiasm with which employees of ‘smaller’ organisations often approach their work.

Went to a fundraising quix for Coppafeel! organised by a friend – its a great charity encouraging young women to check for early signs of breast cancer. Far too many young people have their concerns dismissed because “don’t worry – you’re too young for it to be anything serious”. Which is of course palpable nonsense. It was more poignant obviously falling in the week that the founder of Coppafeel! died at the age of 38. Fifteen years after her diagnosis.

Check them out – both the charity and your chests…..

Went to see a great band from Leeds called English Teacher – really impressive front woman and a great lively evening. Tonight its a different vibe with Mad Professor playing a DJ set in a local pub.

Onwards to next week – just got to finish off the bureaucracy of motorbike thefts and insurance companies which all seems much more responsive than before.

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