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A stumbling start…. for all the parties

Blog earlier this week as I’m actually going to be off for a few days. Visiting friends in Italy. Looking forward to relaxation, sunshine and laughter. Also looking forward to break from an already inept election campaign – that continues to make me laugh and scream in equal measure.

Labour seem to have got themselves tied up in knots unnecessarily – but at least Diane Abbott is now standing.

Lib-Dems seem to be going for the novelty ‘fun guy’ approach.

Reform getting far too much airtime – will he stand, won’t he stand, where will he stand.

Conservatives – last week it was the young, this week the focus of the ‘woke wars’ switches back to gender identity and biological sex. Am waiting for a journalist to ask them if they think a trans young person should be called up for national service….

I quite enjoy most of it – not least BBC journalists trying to make impartial comments and the rapidly looming demise of the government. Still read with amusement only today in the Guardian that the over-55’s remain the Conservative core vote. Well that’s me and most of my friends – almost all of whom are more concerned about the younger generation than our own. We were the ones who benefitted most in recent years – relative peace, accessible housing, pensions, free higher education , free movement around swathes of the world. We won’t be judged well by history given the legacy we’re leaving behind.

Mind you I have to remember that I do live in Brighton – in the only Green constituency (for now) and am therefore dismissable as ‘tofu eating, Guardian reading, wokerati’ – or some nonsense.

Working to a couple of deadlines before I go – one to complete a mobilisation plan for an innovative new pilot programme that I’ll talk about another time and one with Kevin my long standing friend and colleague where we are bidding for some work together. Wish us well.

Got insurance money through following the theft of my Vespa – so at least I know what I can afford to buy if I choose to replace it. Working through the ‘what’s the point – it’ll only get nicked’ scenarios.

See you next week.

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